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Transformational Leadership

MAY 1ST, 2021


Transformational leadership is defined as a leadership approach that causes change in individuals and social systems. The concept of transforming leaders was first introduced in 1978 by James MacGregor Burns, whose research was focused on political leaders.

According to Burns, there are two types of leadership: transactional and transformational. Transactional leadership has a “give and take” approach, which is focused on supervision and performing in order to reach goals. In contrast, transformational leadership is based on redesigning perceptions and values of employee and company culture through articulating an energizing vision and working every day to create beneficial surroundings for the team.

When experts talk about transformational leadership, they refer to four elements within it, known as the 4I model.

Here they are:

Idealized Influence - essentially, this means being a role model. SHOW your team how you want them to be and lead by example.

Inspirational Motivation - this component suggests that in order for a transformational leader to be successful they must INVOLVE their followers in the development of the vision so that everyone has a clear commitment to shared goals

Intellectual Stimulation - don’t assume that you’re better than the people on your team.

You NEED them in order to keep the wheels greased, so don’t overlook the intellect and advice they might be able to offer.

In other words, reinforce the idea regularly that ‘there are no stupid questions,’ and everyone should feel comfortable offering input. Remember, you wanted them on your team for a reason.

Individualized Consideration - as a leader, you are also a coach, and a good coach acts as a mentor for each individual team member. Learn the needs of each team member and find opportunities for each follower based on their unique needs and desires. When you do this, your followers will feel appreciated and invested in the work they’re doing AND loyal to you as a leader.

If you’re in a position of leadership and you want to work toward becoming a more transformational leader, be sure to express CONFIDENCE, DECISIVENESS, and OPTIMISM about your vision as well as the way it’s implemented.

As a leader, you’re in charge of coaching your team and motivating them to do their best. If you’re not excited about a project, or optimistic about the project’s outcome, you can’t expect your team to step up and do their best work.

Practice this skill by injecting confidence, decisiveness, and optimism into the way you speak when you tell your loved ones about upcoming events in your life. Get them excited about it, sell that excitement to them!

I’m motivated to educate as many people as possible, which is why I offer a myriad of services! From in-person educational experiences to virtual webinars and even parties to celebrate my clients, I encourage everyone to get involved with all of my offerings.

Transformational Leadership: Resources and Tips
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